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August 22nd, 2004

05:44 pm - Partnership
Bewitched Mind is now partners with snapesforte's Designer Potions, which is the best site I've found featuring all sorts of information about Snape; his physical features, speech, character sheet, all of his quotes from the books, cool avatars, posters, essays and much, much more.

There's also a new Occlumens in our ranks; hazyjayne. She got promoted a while back, but we've been quite busy lately, so it was never announced. Yes, we've been busy looking for fiction/essays/art for our archives. carissa_lynn is working on the layout/html because she's an expert at eFiction (which is the script we're using).


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August 18th, 2004

02:05 am

It's Order of the Phoenix, not pheonix, which is misspelled on the community's interests.


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August 17th, 2004

10:04 pm - Bewitched Mind Forums Officially open
Finally :D The Bewitched Mind forums are officially open. The archives are not ready, so they'll launch later (much later...), but for now enjoy the discussions. We already have some new members, after being pimped by the daily_snitch.

Have fun :)

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August 5th, 2004

08:36 am - Admin update
Well, everything's going grand. Icy is Teh Mistress when it comes to the technical stuff, so she's working like a fiend on the graphics. We're not really sure what colours we'll settle on for the forum at the moment, but be sure it'll be fantastic.

Icy also tells me that we are practicly ready to open the forums. Be assured that I will be posting an invitation for those interested to join the forums shortly. I don't think we'll open them to the public until the Bewitched Mind front page is ready, but we would like a few members before then to start topics and discussions.

I'm late for uni, so I must fly.

Special thanks to Carissa for the tech help she's giving Icy, and to HazyJayne for volunteeing to seek out smilies for us. We appreciate it so much.

Stepps, Idea Mistress
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August 4th, 2004

01:24 pm - Update
A little update:

I've been working on changing the colours in the forums, mainly grey and purple-ish grey. If it gets too sickening, which I'm sure it will after a few months, I'll change the colours again.

carissa_lynn has been a gem for helping me with the configurations. She's a genious, that girl.

stepps and I have to put some forum rules on paper soon. Any ideas? I suppose we'll have to peak at so other forum's rules. BM is supposed to be a similar site to UR, SQ, TIP and TT, anyway, so the same rules will apply, with the additional 'No Snape flaming' ;P

I'll have to change some buttons and icons, and then Stepps and I will give the Slytherin coloured light.

Are any of you frequent Snape fanfiction readers? And I mean frequent, as in having read so much that you know a good story from a bad one? Please let me know.

Geeze, I'm not finished with the forums and I'm already thinking of the archives o.O

Current Mood: creative

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August 3rd, 2004

08:39 am
I just quickly changed the layout and background image, because the old one was really bugging me. What does everyone (milasmith, stepps and hazyjayne - the entire membership while I'm writing this) think of the background? Good enough for BM? With slight modifications of course (I'd try to make it *flow* better, as Stepps put it ;D).

Anyway, the domain name has been secured, http://www.bewitchedmind.net, and I'm setting up the forum today. I ask people to restrain themselves and not join the forum until I give the green light. I'll have to test it first, set up some stuff and well..learn how to be an Admin.

But for now, I'd like to thank everyone who came up with ideas for the site, names and such. They were all carefully considered (except for carissa_lynn's Greasy Git - but only because I knew it already existed...erm...yes...well it does exist.

One last thing: The site welcomes all Harry Potter forum junkies, not just Snape fans. BUT there will be absolutely no bashing of Snape, even though people's opinions are welcomed. Just put them nicely or the Potions Master will stop talking smoothly and start hissing.

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05:36 pm
Hello everyone... er, anyone. We are Icybeach and Steppenwolf, and we love Snape.

We (I mean by that, Icybeach, as I'm just the annoying idea girl, while Icy's the dynamic action woman) are creating a site called Bewitched Mind dedicated to Severus Snape in all his canon and fanon glory. We plan to launch a forum first, and later a fanfic and art archieve, as well as some other goodies when (and if) we think of them.

As Icy and I are Draco fans as well, and spend rediculous amounts of time at unredeemed_net, the Bewitched Mind site will resemble that and the Sugar Quill, and follow many of their forum and archieve rules. Many, but not all. More info on that later.

We will let you know of our (Icy's) progress here.

So, from Icybeach, Severus, and myself, "Do shut up and attempt to actually learn something, regardless of how challenging that might be for you pathetic morons."
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