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February 16th, 2005

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03:06 pm - BM News Update!
Forum News:
We received only one entry for the BM.net Valentines Fic Challenge. It’s called Bitter Chocolate by the very special (and appreciated) Gem Dandi. Please read and review, and think about participating in our next challenge. So far deense has a goal of four entries next time! Please help us achieve this.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and because stepps loves rare pairs, she'd like to draw your attention to the Snape Rare Pairings thread. You can discuss your feelings for rare pairs, but also if you really love one pair in particular, don't hesitate to create a thread specifically for that ship.

Member News:
Sticky Chocolate Cakes With Lots Of Candles for deense and RedShira! Deense turned 29 on Saturday the 12th, and RedShira turned 25 on Valentine's Day. We hope you both had great days!

Alas, we have no new victims members this week. Pimp us to your friends, in your forum signatures, and in your LJ user info! Buttons for linking to us will be made available shortly, or by PMing Icybeach, or by leaving a comment to this post.

If anyone should have anything they think should be highlighted in an update like this, please PM Steppenwolf or email steppenwolf at bewitchedmind dot com.

Have a good week Bewitched Minds!
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