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December 23rd, 2005

10:33 am
Warning from femmequixotic's journal: According to </a></b></a>estepheia, a hacker's going in and setting loose a Trojan virus in archives that run efiction. So if you're using it (and I know a couple of you are), you better check your author list to see if shader has registered. More details here.

I thought it was relevant, and better to be cautious. icybeach, I will be emailing this to you as well, in case you don't see it here.

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August 17th, 2005

09:52 am - BM.net Archive Beta Launch!
Finally! Yes, finally the archives will be opened. But before we do if officially, we'd like our members to gain access first and beta it for us :)


We'd love it if you could read a fic, review it, and generally look at the archive and see if anything could be different.

The official launch will be next Sunday, if nothing goes wrong.

We currently know of one problem, and that is that an empty warning window pops up when you click a fic. This came up after I changed the rating system (G/PG/PG-13/R/NC-17 is not allowed, since it's in private property and other archives out there have had problems with this).

Please let us know what you think in this thread: Beta Launch (if you can't access, try going to the forums and look there under Moste Potente).
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February 16th, 2005

03:06 pm - BM News Update!
Forum News:
We received only one entry for the BM.net Valentines Fic Challenge. It’s called Bitter Chocolate by the very special (and appreciated) Gem Dandi. Please read and review, and think about participating in our next challenge. So far deense has a goal of four entries next time! Please help us achieve this.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and because stepps loves rare pairs, she'd like to draw your attention to the Snape Rare Pairings thread. You can discuss your feelings for rare pairs, but also if you really love one pair in particular, don't hesitate to create a thread specifically for that ship.

Member News:
Sticky Chocolate Cakes With Lots Of Candles for deense and RedShira! Deense turned 29 on Saturday the 12th, and RedShira turned 25 on Valentine's Day. We hope you both had great days!

Alas, we have no new victims members this week. Pimp us to your friends, in your forum signatures, and in your LJ user info! Buttons for linking to us will be made available shortly, or by PMing Icybeach, or by leaving a comment to this post.

If anyone should have anything they think should be highlighted in an update like this, please PM Steppenwolf or email steppenwolf at bewitchedmind dot com.

Have a good week Bewitched Minds!
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February 9th, 2005

11:04 am - BM.net News Update

Forum News:
Bewitched Mind has passed the 100 members mark! This is exciting because it means that we are still growing. Look forward to the 133 mark, and then the 300 mark!

The BM.net Valentines Fic Challenge deadline (Friday 11th Feb) is fast approaching. Please have your entries to deense, icybeach, hazyjayne, or kait2289 by then.

A current hot topic is Snape! Be my Valentine... What does Severus think of Valentine's Day and romance?

Archive News:
Sigune has given us permission to archive all of her Snape-centric fanfiction! icybeach in particular is very excited about this. Other authors that have given us permission to archive their work are snapesforte and awelkin (Catherine), and of cause our own Icy.

Member News:
gretchystretchy receives a Sticky Chocolate Cake With Lots Of Candles this week because she turned 16 on Tuesday! Best wishes from the Bewitched Minds, Gretchy. Another birthday of note is Arthur Weasley's, which was posted on JKRowling.com as the 6th of February.

We have two new members this week. Please make Skool and Lumos P. Nox feel welcome by posting in their introduction threads.

Of interest to Snape fans: scribbulus_ink has posted a Snape/Lupin resource list with fic recs for the new shipper, communities, sites, and other useful things.
If anyone should have anything they think should be highlighted in an update like this, please PM Steppenwolf or email me at steppenwolf at bewitchedmind dot com.

Have a good week Bewitched Minds!

Current Mood: brilliant!
Current Music: Hooberstank - The Reason

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February 3rd, 2005

09:09 am - BM.net News Update

 If anyone should have anything they think should be highlighted in an update like this, please PM Steppenwolf or email me at littlehowl at gmail dot com.

Forum News:
Remember the BM.net Valentines Fic Challenge! The deadline is February 11th, so that we can have the fics (or art, if you like) posted by the 14th, Valentines Day. As yet we have only heard from one member about an entry, so get inspired!

Each week I am going to try to feature a discussion thread of interest. This week it's the Need help with your plot? thread, where you can smooth out the kinks (wrinkles, that is), patch up the holes, and find the right direction for your *coughValentinesChallengecough* fic :D

Archive News:
Remember, to recommend your favourite Snape fanfic, art and essays, go to these threads:
Fan Fiction Archives 
Art Archive 
Essay Archives

Each week I am also going to highlight a fic, piece of art, or essay that we are hoping to archive. Alternatively I will highlight something Snape-centric of interest such as a community, challenge at another site, icons, or an intersting LJ discussion. This week it's fic: We have permission to archive Bewitching the Mind, Ensnaring the Senses by RJ Anderson. If you like it, please review it when the archives are open (which will of cause be as soon as possible)!

Member News:
This week has been a big week for BM Birthdays! Madeline turned 16 on the 31st of January, BucketofRibs turned 27 and Jewl turned 17 on the 1st of Febraury, and our own Legiliments (mod) Miss K turned 16 on the 2nd of February. We hope you all had great days. Go to the Sticky Chocolate Cake With Lots Of Candles thread to give these Bewitched Minds your birthday wishes. 

Our newest member is nigeline! Please go say hello and introduce yourself at nigeline's introduction thread.

Have a good week Bewitched Minds!

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January 27th, 2005

01:14 pm - Bewitched Mind News Update
BM.net has been going through a few changes and improvements as of the new year. One of those changes is that we'd like to make use of all of our resources and keep all of you informed of what we're doing to get the fanfiction, art and essay archives up and running, and the activities, discussions and events that are occuring in the forum and our member's worlds. For that reason we (myself specifically, as Head of Public Relations) will be making weekly news updates on this journal. If anyone should have anything they think should be highlighted in an update like this, please PM me or email me at littlehowl at gmail dot com.

Forum News:
This week we have a  Management Update. We have four new areas of management to help things run smoothly, which are Head of PR (stepps aka Steppenwolf), Head of Archives (hazyjayne), Head of Posts (deense), and Head of Events (icybeach).

We have also been doing some spring cleaning on the forums, which include the merging of some forums and the renaming of others. Details of these changes can be found in the Management Update.

Archive News:
We are off cause still looking for good Snape fanfic, art and essays. To recommend your favourites, go to these threads:
Fan Fiction Archives 
Art Archive 
Essay Archives

Member News:
deense has had a big week this week! Deense was promoted from Legiliments (moderator) to Occlumens (administrator) on the 19th of this month. Deense then annonced that she was engaged to her Australian boyfrined! Congratulations Deense, from all the BM staff! We're so excited for you, and hope all of your plans go smoothly.

In other member news, I have had my plans to go to Germany for a year confirmed. I leave in February.

Important Fandom News:
Joanne K Rowling has had a baby girl! Congratulations JK!

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January 17th, 2005

10:07 pm
Well, this is it. The first real Bewitched Mind Fic Challenge

The theme: Valentine's Day (and you can take that however you want, it doesn't have to involve romance even...)
The length: 1000-2500 words
Due: February 11th, with the hope of having it judged by February 14th (we cut things close here don't we...)

The idea... How would Snape spend his Valentine's Day??? It can be past, present or future, involve any sort of pairing or non-pairing that you so choose. If we get enough NC-17 fics we'll do another category for them.

Submit your fic to myself or IcyBeach

Any questions, feel free to PM me or any of the other mods/admins!!!


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December 18th, 2004

11:22 am - Our first fic challenge!
Let all know that this is officially our first fic challenge!

The theme: Snape and Christmas/New Years Eve (my personal change)
The length: under 2500 words
The deadline: Well, let's make it December 27th, which gives you over a week, and yes, is just post Christmas, but should let us have it decided for the New Year!


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September 8th, 2004

08:04 pm - HPANA Top 100 Sites
BM.net is taking part in the HPANA Top 100 Sites list. Please vote, by clicking on the button, if you haven't already done so :)

Click to visit HPANA Top Sites</center>

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September 6th, 2004

09:09 am - Donations
Donations to Bewitched Mind

Bewitched Mind's operating costs are currently $130 per year ($120 for website hosting, $10 for domain registration). It may not seem much, but the owner of the site is a poor university student, and would be very grateful for any donation. Bewitched Mind is a non-profit site, so any additional funds will be used for IPB service ($65 a year), Live Journal costs, additional software, and/or saved for the next year's operating costs. The money will not be used for personal purposes.

For the time being, the only option to donate is through PayPal. PayPal accepts credit card payments, and is a very secure way of money transfer.

Every little bit helps, and is very much appreciated.

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